The Evolution Of The Employee Performance Review

Aug 28
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The Evolution of the Employee Performance ReviewI’m going to go out on a limb here and say what most of you are probably thinking, performance reviews suck. I used to get an email from my manager once a year asking me what I did over the past twelve months, how I think I performed, and what were my strengths and weaknesses. So instead of working that day, I spent hours carefully crafting a document that painted me in the best light possible.

Sound familiar? That is the standard performance review. It was invented by cavemen to see how other cavemen were doing with their wheels. The only problem is that many companies are still using this outdated process. Read More

Lost in Translation: How To Communicate With Your Development Team

Aug 21
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Lost In TranslationIn the exciting fast-paced world of technology startups, communication failures between different departments can spell disaster. As the founder of a company that builds software to streamline and optimize communication on teams, I know subjectively and from customers, that this problem is pervasive between technical and nontechnical teams.

And the communication gap can’t be bridged with project-management software. Basecamp, Trello and other scrum platforms are amazing, but the kind of communication breakdowns I’m talking about run deep. It’s almost as if one party were speaking English and the other Chinese, and all are tossing their heads in misunderstanding. Read More

Trusting The Inmates To Run The Asylum

Aug 19
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Trusting The Inmates To Run The AsylumWhat if senior management didn’t “run” the company? We usually think of it that way –the executives make the decisions and everyone else follows orders. Right? That’s certainly how insane asylums are run. It’s time to change that frame and start trusting employees.

No matter how well you multi-task or how varied your skill-set, you have to develop a team that can work autonomously as the company grows. I am not saying to just hand over the keys and head to Maui. But try to micromanage it all, and before long you will be the one requiring psychiatric care. Read More

How To Motivate Your Startup Team Without Carrots or Sticks

Aug 14
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Motivate Your Startup TeamWith limited funding and resources, a startup has to stay results-focused while racing against rapidly changing market conditions, consumer demands and overnight competitors. Founders and other business leaders have plenty to do without micromanaging employees — especially when they should have their eyes on the prize and not over their employees’ shoulders.

Without constant supervision, how do you keep your team focused on results? Read More

Taking Workplace Transparency To The Next Level: Seeing My Boss’s 15Five

Aug 12
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Taking Workplace Transparency To The Next LevelHave you ever wondered what an executive was thinking but were too afraid to ask?

For several weeks now, our CEO David Hassell has filled out a 15Five and shared his responses with the entire team. Yeah, you heard right. My boss submitted a report to his staff, informing us of his goals, triumphs, challenges and ideas.

Why on earth would he do that? Read More

Mindreading 1.2: Ten More Questions To Take Your Team From 0 To 60

Aug 7
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Mindreading 1.2How do you discover what is going on in the minds of your employees? Ever wish that you had the power of mind-reading, aka mental telepathy?

Telepathy is an ancient Greek term, tele meaning distant and pathos meaning feeling, perception, passion, affliction or experience. To be telepathic you need to see beneath the surface. Your employees’ thoughts, perceptions, ideas, challenges and anxieties all lurk behind the blank stare or false smile that you might be met with during one-on-one’s. Read More

Flipping The Org Chart: Supporting Employees Is The Key To Success

Aug 5
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Flipping The Org ChartAfter running several companies and offering strategy consulting to over 60 CEO’s I have discovered a uniquely human way to approach business, where profits result from putting people first.

Traditionally we envision the CEO at the top of a pyramid which gets vastly wider at each lower tier. But I want to challenge business leaders to reimagine how we think about org-charts. What if the CEO were at the bottom?

Read More

The #Must-Reads On The Crisis Of Leadership

Jul 31
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Must Reads on The Crisis of Leadership

I hate my job. Work sucks. I can’t wait to quit.

Have you ever said that? Ever felt that an employee was thinking it?

Too many people in the American workforce feel that way. They are not supported by management and feel completely disempowered at work. And when they go home at night, that disempowerment creates a detrimental impact on familial relationships and society at large.  Read More

Why Management Is Out of Control: Employee 2.0

Jul 29
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management_out_of_controlSweatshops, child labor, unsafe conditions, and poor wages. Thankfully these are largely just bad memories for the American workforce. A better life for employees did not come easily, as laborers fought managers and owners for many years to win these basic rights.

We are now on the cusp of a new revolution — something we’re dubbing: Employee Rights 2.0. “Labor” is breaking free of traditional management structures to experience unprecedented autonomy. Today’s knowledge workers demand freedom from micromanagement and the punch-clock. So how will you manage to manage them? Will employees have all the control? Read More

Don’t Fall Off The Cliff! Advice From Leaders Who Know

Jul 24
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Leadership Advice from 15Five's Little Book of Workplace WisdomWhen I think back to every moment someone mentioned “being realistic,” I’ve actually realized, that it is merely an expression of fear of failure. Being realistic purely shows that you believe something can’t be done.

~ Leo Widrich, Buffer

Ever see the cartoon where the coyote chases the roadrunner off the cliff? The two of them hang there in mid-air until the roadrunner points downward. The coyote only falls when he looks and realizes that there is nothing beneath his feet.

The leader of any pack can’t look down. But they don’t have to find the right road to travel alone. Read More