The Awe-Inspiring Power of Employee Appreciation

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The Awe-Inspiring Power of Employee AppreciationWhat does Thanksgiving mean to you?

Football, parades, over-indulgence, uncomfortable family reunions, and sleeping outside your local Walmart to fight strangers over half-price tablets in the morning? I’m sorry, I need a second here. Patriotic tears are welling in my eyes…

Wrong! Thanksgiving is about appreciation. You get a couple of days to take a breather and contemplate all of the things you are grateful for — including your hard-working employees. The season of gratitude and giving is here, so let’s dive into the top articles from around the web that show leaders what it really means to say, “thank you” to their talented and dedicated teams. Read More

Why Email Is The Worst Technology Ever Invented

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Why Email Is The Worst Technology Ever InventedI hate email.

Sure the premise is brilliant — instantly send and receive messages and files anywhere on the planet. But humanity has proven itself unprepared to wield such power.

Email technology was invented all the way back in 1971, so why did it take over two decades for it to be shared with the rest of the world? Because “they” knew that it would destroy civilization as we know it.

This tool designed to streamline communication often causes more harm than good. Managers wonder why employees send so many unimportant emails, and employees have no idea why managers ignore them. Let’s explore some other ways to communicate more efficiently and avoid plummeting employee morale.  Read More

11 Frightening Facts About Workplace Stress (Infographic)

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11 Frightening Facts About Workplace StressIn a culture where overworking without breaks and always being online is the norm, people viscerally know what stress feels like. A toxic force overwhelms the body creating stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, and the many side effects continuously drain your energy. But did you know that stress can be the gateway to doing your best work?

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Smashing Down Your Open Door Policy

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Robert could've just brought flowers.In some companies approaching the executive is like walking up to the Wizard of Oz, his gigantic floating head and flaming pillars striking fear into those who dare to disturb him. With an open door policy, the onus is on the employee, who will probably be intimidated and unlikely to accept the offer to step past the threshold.

Besides, many modern organizations don’t even have walls, let alone doors to walk through. Open floor plans  are being used to make teams feel more cohesive, open, and transparent– with everyone from entry-levels to executives working in the same space.

No matter what your business model, open door policies in the modern workplace are outdated relics. Want transparency, a satisfied and productive workforce, and a way to generate new ideas? Smash down your open door policy and create an open door culture instead.

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5 Signs Employee Engagement Is Going Downhill and What You Can Do About It

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5 Signs Your Employee Engagement Is Going DownhillIt’s 4:57 p.m. and your entire team is poised at the edges of their desks, muscles tense and sweat dripping from their furrowed brows.

Ok, they’re probably not wearing chicken suits unless they compete in San Francisco‘s Bring Your Own Big Wheel competition. But they are certainly visualizing the freedom that awaits at the finish line.

Why do some work environments leave employees unhappy, disengaged and counting down every millisecond until it is time to punch out? Wondering what is happening within your company? Here are the top 5 signs that your employees are disengaged: Read More

Why Do Employees Really Quit Their Jobs? (Infographic)

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Why do employees really quit their jobs?How real do you get with employees during exit interviews?

Do you push the envelope and ask for the dirty details or do you settle for, “it was just time to move on to something different”?

You occasionally get an employee who has been waiting for this glorious moment to tell you off. But for those unwilling to share, Read More

4 Reasons Why Employees Should (Gracefully) Say No To Managers

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5 Reasons Why Employees Should (Gracefully) Say No To ManagersHas this ever happened to you?

Manager: “Can you get me those reports by end of day?”

Employee “Sorry, I can’t.”

Not likely. But can hearing “no” actually be a good sign about the health of your team and the effectiveness of your leadership?

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15Five’s Tales of Horror: The World’s Scariest Bosses

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15Five's Tales of Horror: World's Scariest BossesWhen I think of scary bosses, I always picture Darth Vader. Forget about being fired, that guy can strangle you to death over video conference.

Some company leaders are ruling with an iron fist, creating disengaged employees and high turnover. These bad bosses are building haunted houses of poor company culture and unhappy employees (cue Imperial March).

In honor of Halloween, we’ve selected the top articles from around the web that shine a light on the darkness of scary leadership: Read More

Failure Is Not An Option. It’s Required.

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Failure Is Not An Option. It's Required.

Whether you’re creating the next big social media platform or attempting to perfect the hamburger, you want your business to succeed. On that burger challenge, you can stop trying, though, because that feat was already accomplished by Father’s Office in Santa Monica, Calif.

When people think of success, they are usually talking about hefty profits and minimized costs. Certainly financial growth is a desired outcome. But one definition of success is much more modest. It literally means a result or outcome.

Thus, if success is not necessarily a positive, then it stands to reason that failure is not necessarily a negative. What’s key is to address failures, learn from them and move on to what comes next without completely demoralizing your team. Read More

5 TED Talks That Every Entrepreneur Must Watch

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The Ted Talk has become this generation’s quick answer to gaining more knowledge on any subject. Who wants to read 272 pages on how to motivate employees when you can spend eighteen and a half minutes hearing Daniel Pink speak about it?

Sit back, put on your headphones and enjoy. If your boss walks by and asks what you’re doing, say that you are working on your leadership skills and increasing your engagement and productivity.

1. Simon Sinek: Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

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