The #Must-Reads On The Crisis Of Leadership

Jul 31
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Must Reads on The Crisis of Leadership

I hate my job. Work sucks. I can’t wait to quit.

Have you ever said that? Ever felt that an employee was thinking it?

Too many people in the American workforce feel that way. They are not supported by management and feel completely disempowered at work. And when they go home at night, that disempowerment creates a detrimental impact on familial relationships and society at large.  Read More

Why Management Is Out of Control: Employee 2.0

Jul 29
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management_out_of_controlSweatshops, child labor, unsafe conditions, and poor wages. Thankfully these are largely just bad memories for the American workforce. A better life for employees did not come easily, as laborers fought managers and owners for many years to win these basic rights.

We are now on the cusp of a new revolution — something we’re dubbing: Employee Rights 2.0. “Labor” is breaking free of traditional management structures to experience unprecedented autonomy. Today’s knowledge workers demand freedom from micromanagement and the punch-clock. So how will you manage to manage them? Will employees have all the control? Read More

Don’t Fall Off The Cliff! Advice From Leaders Who Know

Jul 24
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Leadership Advice from 15Five's Little Book of Workplace WisdomWhen I think back to every moment someone mentioned “being realistic,” I’ve actually realized, that it is merely an expression of fear of failure. Being realistic purely shows that you believe something can’t be done.

~ Leo Widrich, Buffer

Ever see the cartoon where the coyote chases the roadrunner off the cliff? The two of them hang there in mid-air until the roadrunner points downward. The coyote only falls when he looks and realizes that there is nothing beneath his feet.

The leader of any pack can’t look down. But they don’t have to find the right road to travel alone. Read More

The 3 Conversations You’re Not Having In Your Meetings, But Should

Jul 22
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The 3 ConversationsEver wonder why people leave meetings feeling so frustrated?  It’s not just that most meetings waste a tremendous amount of time, it’s also because people have an intuitive sense that it doesn’t have to be that way.

They sense that if only this group of people were having a different set of conversations than the ones they just had, maybe the meeting could have actually been a productive, even satisfying experience. Read More

Swipe To The Right (And Power-Off)

Jul 17
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Swipe To The Right Vacation 15FiveSummer is in full swing. The weather is warm and you are just a flight away from the powder-like sand and gentle waves of a tropical paradise. But before you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on that dream vacation ask yourself, Am I really ready to step away from my desk for an entire week?

Many managers, executives, and employees take their work with them while on vacation. If your body is out of the office but your face is buried in your inbox, the rejuvenating effects of down-time are completely negated. Read More

Fulfilling Purpose: The Ultimate Success Factor for Your Business

Jul 15
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The Ultimate Success FactorEmployee disengagement and turnover have become a costly nightmare for companies worldwide. Not only are millions of dollars wasted every year, but organizational growth is stifled. Businesses are unable to produce at peak efficiency, and valuable company resources must be re-allocated into recruiting and hiring replacements for people who leave because they are not supported or satisfied in their work.

Every employer’s dream is to find employees who desire to dedicate themselves to the company — where their efforts are not draining but sustaining, and they seem to access an endless source of iterative juice. Unfortunately, this motivation cannot be artificially created. Only intentional, conscious and vigilant alignment practices can manifest that scenario. For more engaged employees, you must satisfy their fundamental human desire to fulfill a higher purpose. Read More

How Do You Deal With Poor Employee Performance?

Jul 10
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You’re fired!

Unless you are sadistic or Donald Trump, those are two words that no employee wants to hear and no manager wants to say. Yet every day employees are terminated for failing to live up to the express or implied expectations of management.

Don’t be too quick to drop the axe. There are many reasons why employee performance suffers, and you need to assess the problem first.  Ask yourself, “Is the underperformance due to a lack of ability or lack of motivation? Did I give this employee everything he needed to do his job and contribute to the growth of the company?”

Read More

The Best Kept Leadership Secrets You Haven’t Already Heard

Jul 8
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The Best Kept Leadership Advice

As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.

~ Bill Gates, Microsoft

Empowering others. To some leaders who prefer micromanagement over trust and autonomy,  those are dirty words. But no matter how great an idea or how skilled and experienced the entrepreneur, every successful business relies on the efforts of dedicated employees. All who seek success will eventually have to hire brilliant people and empower them to implement their vision.

With all of the theories circulating around effective management, how can you be sure that you’ve adopted a style and strategy that will support and retain your talent? Read More

The 25 Hour Workday: Generating Time To Support Your Team

Jul 1
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The 25 Hour WorkdayHow often do you apologize to others for being too busy? How would you like to have more time for your team?

As CEO of a growing early-stage startup, I spend my workday touching nearly every aspect of the business. Employees on every team constantly rely on me for my input. And while they know that I am stretched thin, they have very real demands for my time. I want to be available so that important initiatives don’t bottleneck and to fulfill a deep commitment to supporting my employees in achieving their personal and professional goals.

While time-management programs and techniques are extremely useful for balancing and prioritizing an entrepreneur’s schedule, the most valuable tactic is to reframe the understanding of time altogether. Read More

The Best Tactical and Strategic Business Advice You Haven’t Heard This Month

Jun 28
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The Best Strategic Business Advice

As we enter the second half of 2014, we decided to shake things up a bit. So instead of compiling great articles on leadership and culture, here’s some practical business advice you can put to the test at your company. From billion dollar branding strategies to guiding underperformers back to glory, these are our five favorite reads for the month of June. Read More