Getting Fired: The Best Thing To Ever Happen To You

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Getting Fired: The Best Thing To Ever Happen To YouYou just got fired. Laid off, let go, dismissed, discharged, given a pink slip, booted, sacked, axed, the old heave ho… Feeling better yet?

It’s possible that there was a lack of work or you were merely a seasonal employee, or maybe you just weren’t working in your zone of genius. Whatever the reason, keep things in perspective to transform what appears to be a tragedy into the best thing that ever happened in your career.

As you walk down the hallway with a box containing your toilet shaped coffee mug and half-dead spider plant, hold your head high. Let the haters gossip because your boss actually did you a favor. You are on your way to find something better. Read More

Why I Gave 2 Weeks Notice For The Last Time

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2 Weeks NoticeEarlier this year, reporter Charlo Greene said “F**k it, I quit” and walked off camera during a live broadcast of KTVA news. How many people have dreamed of doing that?

When I recently left my position as a sales rep at a software company, I didn’t feel that satisfaction. As one of their top performers, I felt like I was backstabbing the company and being disloyal to the point where I almost felt obligated to stay.

Giving 2 weeks notice was challenging for me, but I had to pursue my dream of becoming the Director of Client Development at 15Five. I thought, does it really need to be this way? Losing a top employee is costly for companies, but shouldn’t employers want their people reaching their highest potential, even if that means leaving?

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How To Encourage Incredible Feats of Employee Performance

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How To Encourage Outstanding Employee PerformanceWe’ve really hammered it home this week with 3 different blog posts about the loathsome nature of annual performance reviews. While that may seem like belaboring the point, it’s 2014 and millions of employees will still be judged and berated by their managers over the next few weeks. We will not rest until something shifts.

The issue here is not just about efficiency or productivity. We have the opportunity to transform the way managers and employees interact and work together on a daily basis.

The question is not, how do we improve performance reviews? The question is, how do we develop a structure and a process to improve human performance and not simply grade people once every 12 months? Read More

The Paleolithic Era Called, They Want Their Performance Reviews Back

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Paleolithic Employee Performance ReviewI’m going to go out on a limb here to say what most of you are probably thinking, performance reviews suck.

I used to get an email from my manager once a year asking me what I did over the past twelve months, how I think I performed, and what were my strengths and weaknesses. So instead of working that day, I spent hours carefully crafting a document that painted me in the best light possible.

Sound familiar? That is the standard employee performance review. It was invented by cavemen to see how other cavemen were doing with their wheels. The only problem is that many companies are still using this outdated process. Read More

Why Annual Performance Reviews Are Crap, But Don’t Have To Be

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Annual Performance Reviews Are CrapWhy does outdated technology persist long after something better comes along?

Plumbing was invented by the Minoans in the 18th Century BC, and yet some people insist on doing things the old fashioned way.

Every day at work, we engage in certain processes and behaviors without questioning them. The annual performance review is a perfect example. What began as a staple of corporate process persists decades later as a rather unexamined policy. Why do we still use this antiquated method of collecting information and evaluating employee performance? Read More

What Career Would You Choose If Money Were No Object?

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What Would You Do With Your Life If Money Was No Object?Three days ago I received an email from a recruiter, an unsolicited invitation to apply for a job. A compliment from a manager or colleague is incredibly satisfying, rivaled only by a total stranger saying, “I don’t know you save for the few words I read on LinkedIn…and I think you are awesome”.

Nice try random recruiter. The rush of dopamine was fun, but there is no way I am leaving my job. You will have to drag me away from my desk, kicking and screaming baby-tantrum style.

Why? Because I am living in alignment with my passion and highest purpose. I believe in our company mission and the leaders believe in my ability to contribute to it. How many employees can say that? Can you? Read More

The Rise And Fall Of The Legendary 40 Hour Work Week

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15Five_BlackoutThe 40 hour work week is a myth, a legend from years past. In many modern workplaces, you are more likely to see a unicorn in the conference room than an employee who punches in at 9 and out at 5.

This doesn’t mean that today’s talent works less than 40 hours, and in many cases the opposite is true. Many knowledge workers start working the minute they roll out of bed. They check emails at sunrise, or hop on early calls with distributed team-members and overseas customers.  By the time they roll into the office, they have already worked 3 or 4 hours.

For the most part, this freedom is a good thing. But the absence of boundaries between work and life can have long-term detrimental effects on employee productivity and performance. Read More

The Awe-Inspiring Power of Employee Appreciation

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The Awe-Inspiring Power of Employee AppreciationWhat does Thanksgiving mean to you?

Football, parades, over-indulgence, uncomfortable family reunions, and sleeping outside your local Walmart to fight strangers over half-price tablets in the morning? I’m sorry, I need a second here. Patriotic tears are welling in my eyes…

Wrong! Thanksgiving is about appreciation. You get a couple of days to take a breather and contemplate all of the things you are grateful for — including your hard-working employees. The season of gratitude and giving is here, so let’s dive into the top articles from around the web that show leaders what it really means to say, “thank you” to their talented and dedicated teams. Read More

Why Email Is The Worst Technology Ever Invented

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Why Email Is The Worst Technology Ever InventedI hate email.

Sure the premise is brilliant — instantly send and receive messages and files anywhere on the planet. But humanity has proven itself unprepared to wield such power.

Email technology was invented all the way back in 1971, so why did it take over two decades for it to be shared with the rest of the world? Because “they” knew that it would destroy civilization as we know it.

This tool designed to streamline communication often causes more harm than good. Managers wonder why employees send so many unimportant emails, and employees have no idea why managers ignore them. Let’s explore some other ways to communicate more efficiently and avoid plummeting employee morale.  Read More

11 Frightening Facts About Workplace Stress (Infographic)

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11 Frightening Facts About Workplace StressIn a culture where overworking without breaks and always being online is the norm, people viscerally know what stress feels like. A toxic force overwhelms the body creating stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, and the many side effects continuously drain your energy. But did you know that stress can be the gateway to doing your best work?

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