5 TED Talks That Every Entrepreneur Must Watch

Oct 24
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The Ted Talk has become this generation’s quick answer to gaining more knowledge on any subject. Who wants to read 272 pages on how to motivate employees when you can spend eighteen and a half minutes hearing Daniel Pink speak about it?

Sit back, put on your headphones and enjoy. If your boss walks by and asks what you’re doing, say that you are working on your leadership skills and increasing your engagement and productivity.

1. Simon Sinek: Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

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6 Simple Ways to Improve Employee Morale – Don’t Freak Out About #4

Oct 22
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6 Simple Ways To Improve Employee Morale

The other day at a coffee shop I heard someone refer to “low company moral”. Not morale, moral. At first I cringed, but then I thought, where does the word originate?

Turns out that he was right. The French added the “e” to “moral” in the 18th Century because…well because the French have style.

So while you are worried about employee burnout, you are actually focused on employee morality — the collective character and confidence of everyone in your organization.

When people become overly-stressed, their work will suffer, they will disengage, and your turnover rate could go through the roof. Read More

Confessions of A Fully Supported Employee

Oct 17
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Confessions of a fully supported employeeI love my job.

Sure, 15Five pays me to write blog posts that positively show our company culture and product. But I mean it, I genuinely love working here:

- My colleagues are brilliant and inspiring.

- I am treated with respect, and am fully supported by management in my personal and professional goals.

- I am celebrating my one year work-a-versary and have evolved from who I was when I joined the company.

You may be saying to yourself, “Employee retention is a challenge, and recruiting and hiring is expensive and time-consuming. How can I create an environment where my employees love the company and their work?”

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How To Have Brief and Powerful Office Communications

Oct 14
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Brief and Powerful Office CommunicationsDo you remember the last time you asked an employee a question and the person ran on and on, providing too much irrelevant detail and too little useful information?

Brevity is the concentrated transmission of meaning through language. Employees who embrace brevity communicate more powerfully and respectfully, and what they convey is more memorable to the listener.

Managers appreciate when employees respect their valuable time, and violations of brevity occur as wasteful impositions on the listener’s gift of attention. Below are some quick tips on how managers can provide their full attention and employees can honor it.

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10 Questions To Keep Your Remote Team Focused On Their Work

Oct 9
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Keep Your Remote Team FocusedBuilding and maintaining a strong company culture can be difficult when you only see your team for several minutes each week. While facetime is rapidly becoming a luxury in the world of remote work, it is far from the only way to check-in with your team.

Asking the right questions at the right cadence builds structure and team cohesion and turns your imaginary office into something tangible. This practice allows company leaders to connect the team, and gives employees the opportunity to share triumphs, great ideas, and the challenges they are facing.

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How To Promote A First-Time Manager Without Pi$$ing Off Everyone Else

Oct 7
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Promote A New ManagerWhen your business is growing fast, you spend a ton of time and resources hiring new people and promoting from within. Unfortunately, promoting people can be costly. Some new managers get caught in the ego trip, or their subordinates can feel bitter because they were overlooked for advancement:

Really, you promoted Jerry? He doesn’t even know what a pivot table is. Read More

15Five Raises An Additional $2.2M In Funding

Oct 2
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15Five logo

I am excited to announce that 15Five has just raised $2.2M in funding from existing investor Point Nine Capital, as well as new investors Matrix Partners, renowned leadership expert Simon Sinek, and JustFab CEO Adam Goldenberg. This new round brings our total funding to $3.8M.

We are a lean company with strong monthly revenue and a loyal global customer base, and this latest round will help us double-down on marketing and sales to bring the platform to even more fast-growing companies.

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Looking For Business Growth? Focus On Your Company Culture

Sep 30
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Want To Grow Your Business? Focus On Your Company Culture Company Culture – /kəmpənē kəlCHər/ n. Buzzword overused by many businesses to describe a set of values that are not actually implemented.

Ok, I’ll admit that’s not an exact definition. The world culture means the collective customs and achievements of a people, but the term originally derives from cultivating land or agriculture. Fitting, given that great companies provide environments where employees can thrive.

But if company culture is so popular and is intended to be people focused, why is 70% of the American workforce not engaged in their work?

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5 Tech Tools That Are Changing The World of Remote Work

Sep 25
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5 Tech Tools That Are Changing The World of Remote Work A long distance work relationship is similar to a long distance romantic one. You certainly won’t stay up all night watching Jerry Maguire and eating ice cream if an employee hasn’t checked-in for a few days (at least I hope you won’t). But solid communication is the only way to forge connections within and across teams, and between employees and management.

We are no strangers to remote work. Our team is spread all over the world, from San Francisco to New York and even Poland. We rely on a number of tools (including our own 15Five) to help us stay connected and collaborate from across the globe. While 15Five is the hands down favorite :-), here are a five other top tools that keep our remote team in sync: Read More

How Team Feedback Drives Business Success

Sep 23
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How Team Feedback Leads To Business SuccessBest practices dictate that managers treat all employees equally. But managers are still people who have affinities and pet peeves, and tend to connect better with those who share similar values and interests.

As a leader or manager, you must walk that fine line between thinking, “I want to be friends with that person”, and supporting each employee to become their best selves. How you approach your leadership style will set the tone for the company as either a network of people who are all equally responsible for contributing to big-picture success, or a group of individuals who are all competing with each other to impress you.

15Five offers managers a solution for receiving employee feedback and responding in a way that aligns teams around company goals. Not only does this result in the success of your business, but open and honest professional relationships can develop between everyone at the company. Read More