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David_Shane_Epic_Hi5_2It’s a warm morning in Sayulita, a sleepy town halfway down the western coast of Mexico. On this second day of our annual retreat, the entire team is walking towards the beach for a surprise adventure.

A Mexican getaway may sound extravagant for a growing technology startup, but with a globally distributed team working remotely from as far away as Poland, meeting anywhere on the planet is a decent option.

Our CEO David Hassell stops us under a cluster of palm trees to announce that we will all be learning how to surf in the warm waters of the Pacific that morning. David mentions that the experience is completely optional and gives us some words of encouragement about learning something new. Everyone agrees to give surfing a try, but none of us could have predicted the incredible outcome.

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Overworked To DeathCapacity is the sort of flat, familiar word we don’t typically give a second thought. It’s also the key to a high-performance work culture and a sustainably productive life.

Capacity refers to the maximum amount that something can hold or contain, but it’s also the power to produce or perform. It’s how much fuel you have available to get stuff done, but it’s also the quality of that fuel.

There are no synonyms that fully capture the richness of capacity, but several antonyms hint in reverse at its power: limitation, inability, inadequacy, impotence. In practical terms, capacity is the fundamental ingredient necessary to bring your skill and talent fully to life in the face of relentless demand. You may be a great athlete, but you can’t excel if you’re running on empty. You’’ll also fall short if you can’t summon the right focus, commitment or conviction — all capacities — when you need to perform at your best.

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Communication Tool Boosts Employee PerformanceOpen, honest communication is the key to a healthy relationship. No, you weren’t accidentally misdirected to Online Dating Insider, I am talking about employee-manager relationships.

For employees, communication with senior management and relationships with direct supervisors is a must. And for employers, having detailed information about their business from front-line employees can mean the difference between success and failure.

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New Year's Resolutions: How To Not Fail In 2015According to the International Health Club Association, 90% of people who join health and fitness clubs will stop going after 3 months. So by April that picture you posted on Facebook in your new workout attire could be replaced by one of you enjoying a maple bacon donut.

We know what our goals are — we desire better health, financial growth and personal fulfillment. We may have even gotten off to a great start in the first couple of weeks. But how do we guarantee the completion of personal goals and the achievement of professional success in the upcoming year?

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Have you made your 2015 resolutions? Stairwells are being used for the first time since last January and everyone is buzzing about the latest health food craze.

But what happens to our health concerns after the days turn into weeks, then months, and we seemingly have to start all over again, year after year. There must be something proactive we can do to take care of ourselves so we’re not running ragged on this proverbial hamster wheel.

Those same thoughts often wander to my business. Have I created enough preventative systems that will keep the health of 15Five consistently optimal? Putting out fires can make us feel useful as leaders, but it’s a great way to burn out fast and destroy the morale of a company.

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Motivational Leadership SpectrumAfter a long career in a variety of different industries, I have learned that management styles come in all shapes and sizes. On one end of the spectrum is the dreaded micromanager, whose controlling nature stifles employee creativity and satisfaction. On the other end, the transparent and supportive manager creates space for employees to become the best versions of themselves.

Which type are you? Do you assign tasks and ruthlessly hover over employees’ shoulders until they are complete? Or do you regularly ask questions and provide feedback to create strong relationships that inspire the best work from your team?

Our friends at Business Management Degree have compiled this comprehensive analysis of thousands of executives to determine the most effective motivational leadership methods in the modern workplace.

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December 31: The Most Important Day for your BusinessI can barely remember the glory days before Thanksgiving when I could still see my feet. At my current rate of consumption I may as well begin training for Nathan’s Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest. But my pastry issues are no match for the unparalleled power of the New Year’s Resolution.

Our intentions are at their most potent on January 1, when the promise of new beginnings fuels our will to transform. Exercising more, writing that novel, parkour lessons…whatever you want for yourself in 2015, your best chance is to start now. The same holds true for business goals.

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'Twas The Night Before Christmas

‘Twas two days before Christmas

when all through the virtual workspace,

managers focus on their business

and can not meet face to face.

Q1 goals are laid out for employees to share

in the hope that more revenue soon would be there.

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Getting Fired: The Best Thing To Ever Happen To YouYou just got fired. Laid off, let go, dismissed, discharged, given a pink slip, booted, sacked, axed, the old heave ho… Feeling better yet?

It’s possible that there was a lack of work or you were merely a seasonal employee, or maybe you just weren’t working in your zone of genius. Whatever the reason, keep things in perspective to transform what appears to be a tragedy into the best thing that ever happened in your career.

As you walk down the hallway with a box containing your toilet shaped coffee mug and half-dead spider plant, hold your head high. Let the haters gossip because your boss actually did you a favor. You are on your way to find something better.

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2 Weeks NoticeEarlier this year, reporter Charlo Greene said “F**k it, I quit” and walked off camera during a live broadcast of KTVA news. How many people have dreamed of doing that?

When I recently left my position as a sales rep at a software company, I didn’t feel that satisfaction. As one of their top performers, I felt like I was backstabbing the company and being disloyal to the point where I almost felt obligated to stay.

Giving 2 weeks notice was challenging for me, but I had to pursue my dream of becoming the Director of Client Development at 15Five. I thought, does it really need to be this way? Losing a top employee is costly for companies, but shouldn’t employers want their people reaching their highest potential, even if that means leaving?

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